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Bruce Shaw

Strategic + Disciplined +

Passion for Victory



Bruce has both led and created large, global teams for Dell, AMD, and SanDisk.  Former US Air Force pilot who now loves to lead the strategic thinking for the organization.  A global executive with 5 years living experience in China and multiple years in EMEA.  He has led sales, marketing, operations, & manufacturing teams from 1 employee to 500+, startups to $100M campaigns.   He now strives to bring that expertise and passion for winning to bear for our clients. 

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Reg Herde

Creative + Original Thinking +

Real World Business Pragmatism



Reg has worked at Dell and SanDisk as well, but really honed his creative marketing chops at small agencies and for one of the fastest growing startups in Austin - Spiceworks. There he led the sales enablement team and helped develop the sales tools and materials to help the company grow from 7 sales leaders in the US to over 90 globally.

Ashley Connell

  Gets Sh*t done + A10 Taskmaster +

Maniacal Focus on User Experience

Ashley is a Spiceworks and SanDisk alum who has a passion for creating campaigns that marry the art and science of marketing. Spending time working in both the US and the UK, Ashley zeroed in on creating cohesive user experiences within all marketing campaigns, demand generation and events.  Now, Ashley focuses on the latest strategies and tools for doing personalized, calculated marketing at scale. 


A10 also works with other leading professionals in project and event management, research and analytics, and graphic design, often partnering with other agencies, to help provide clients with a complete portfolio of services.