partner alchemy

Often, a good partner marketing program works best. But why invest there you might ask?  Don’t take our word of it – these guys know a thing or three as well:

  • Why Strategic Marketing Partnerships Could Be the Answer When You’re Struggling to Get Exposure, Huffington Post

  • Why Partner Marketing Is The Best Way To Launch A Company, Forbes

  • High Growth companies rate Partner Marketing as the marketing technique with the most impact, Hinge Marketing




Let's Get Started - The Discovery

Discovery is just that.  Finding out what makes you tick, what's your unique value proposition and all the other noteworthy stuff about your company, your product, your service.  


Markets & More

Here's where the rubber meets the road - Identifying key markets that drive the success you're seeking.  Not in a vacuum, though.  That would not be smart.  Let's grab the hand of Sales and dive into the rabbit hole together, making sure we're all aligned and ready to go.


Goals to Grow

Now it's time to lock-in on what you want to achieve.  We work closely with you to determine what you and your potential partners' goals and objectives should be.  What buyer or customer outcomes make it worthwhile?  Essentially, why you and why them?


I Spy a Perfect Partner

A10 then brings potential partner ideas and names to the table - and works to set up initial engagement, demonstrating to both parties what a fruitful future it's going to be and really, shouldn't you just elope...


Bullhorns & Megaphones - It's Amplify Time!

And now the real fun begins.  First, we work to provide the greatest impact at launch.  Then we stand firmly with you and your new partner along the way, and in future campaigns, to make sure you're meeting those objectives, together, and happily ever after.