360 Demand Generation at A10

At A10, I focus on demand generation – meaning creating campaigns, tools and systems that set the brand apart while moving the audience through the sales cycle.  Whereas ‘demand generation’ is a newish term, marketers have been using creative messaging to get target markets to act for years.  In fact, I can pinpoint the very campaign that inspired my career in marketing.  The Budweiser Frogs.  


Original Budweiser Commercial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVcbasIb8lQ

Yes, I was nine years old when that commercial first aired. And, whereas it didn’t get me to “act” just yet, to me then, and now, that campaign “got it.”   Not only was the ad spot entertaining, but the brand recall lasted for months, years, and clearly as in my case, even decades later.

Try to watch it without smiling.   I sure can’t.  And now that I'm of drinking age, the next time I see the Budweiser logo I’m going to mutter ‘Bud-Weis-Er’ under my breath, and might even put a six-pack in my cart.

It’s routine now that marketing efforts aren’t labeled successful without measurable return-on-investment.  While writing this blog post, I scoured the internet trying to find tangible sales numbers attributed to this iconic commercial.  Bad news is – nothing found there.  Good news is – if released today, there would be.

From 1995 when ‘the Frogs’ debuted to now, marketing is light years beyond where it was.  It excites me to think how a modern-day demand generation marketer like myself would have taken the campaign a step further and placed appropriate touch points throughout the entire buyer’s journey.  Just think, there could be targeted and retargeted online ads, email nurture campaigns, personal landing pages, social media contests, event sponsorship, direct mail... and the list goes on and on.

And, unlike 1995, we can now measure how those touch points moved the needle, therefore giving the business a clearer forecast on how marketing investment is influencing pipeline.  Meaning more than ever, marketers have been given permission to put out some kick-ass marketing – and can prove that it actually works.

Until next time –


Ashley Connell