A10 Team

small, BUT mighty


Reg Herde

Creative + Original Thinking + Real World Business Pragmatism

Reg comes from a long line of hi-tech companies, driving creative marketing solutions at each of them, including Dell, AMD, Spiceworks and SanDisk.  In addition, Reg worked at marketing firms, big and small, spending a fair amount of time pondering and solving the biggest marketing challenges. These include DDB Needham – Chicago, and MAKOS Advertising and Enviromedia in Austin, Texas, home to creative communities of all kinds.


Ashley Connell

Gets Sh*t done + A10 Taskmaster + Maniacal Focus on User Experience

Ashley, an alumnus of SanDisk as well as Spiceworks, drove major programs for each and has continued to hone her skills for NetApp and their relationship with Cisco. She understands the importance of a strong marketing presence and, based on her experience in UK, brings unique international perspective to the challenges of finding the right solution for the right market. G’day, right?  Oh, wait, that’s Australia…